Venomous Pests: The Biggest Threats in Las Vegas

The Las Vegas Valley is home to some nasty pests, and the worst of the lot are those that are venomous. In case you didn’t know, a “venomous” animal is one that can inject poison through its bite or sting. The main purpose of this venom may be to kill prey or to defend against predators. Generally, local pests aren’t venomous enough to be deadly to humans but there are some exceptions, especially in cases where the venom can provoke an allergic reaction.

Several types of venomous pests lurk around Las Vegas and are known to enter local homes and businesses. Here are the ones you should be looking out for.

Dangerous Venomous Pest Species in the Las Vegas Valley

  • Africanized Bees – You may know them as “killer bees,” and while this hybrid honey bee species is plenty scary, actual fatalities are quite rare. “Africanized” bees were created when invasive African honey bees bred with native Western honey bees. Africanized bees entered the Las Vegas Valley about 25 years ago and are now a widespread pest. They look the same as any other honey bee and their venomous sting is no more potent. However, Africanized bees are very aggressive. If you stumble upon a nest being built on the side of your home, commonly from eaves or soffits, they will attack in a swarm, stinging hundreds of times.
  • Bark Scorpions – There are four scorpion species that call Las Vegas home, and the bark scorpion is the most venomous of the lot. A sting from a bark scorpion will cause 1-3 days of pain, numbness and vomiting. Although a bark scorpion’s sting usually isn’t life threatening, it can be deadly to some people, especially young children and the elderly. Unfortunately, bark scorpions are only 2 ½” long and they love to crawl into local homes and businesses to hide. If you’re really unlucky, you might even find a bark scorpion living in your shoe!
  • Black Widow Spiders – Spiders have a nasty reputation but most of them are actually harmless to humans. One big exception found in the Las Vegas Valley is the infamous black widow. You’ve probably seen a movie where black widows are so lethally venomous that a single bite spells instant death. Luckily, this is an exaggeration, but black widow bites have sometimes been known to cause fatalities; more commonly, they result in fever-like symptoms and muscle pains that last for over a week. Needless to say, you don’t want to get bitten. Unfortunately, black widows commonly enter Las Vegas homes and businesses to build their webs.


Our Pest Control Experts Can Protect You From Venomous Pests

Whether you’ve spotted a venomous pest on your property or you just want to make sure there aren’t any hiding in the dark, your safest choice is to bring in a team of pest control technicians for a thorough inspection. Call D-Termination Pest Control today if you want our pest control services for your home or business in the Las Vegas Valley!

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