Common Types of Pest Damage in Las Vegas Homes

When pests enter homes in the Las Vegas Valley, they cause all kinds of damage to your property. In fact, if your pests are particularly stealthy, stumbling upon this damage might be the first sign that you have an infestation in your home. If your pest problem persists, it can lead to expensive home repairs down the line. Keep reading to learn about types of pest damage you should be watching out for and which local pests are the most likely culprits.

3 Areas of Your Home to Check for Pest Damage

  1. Insulation – The insulation found in your attic and your crawl space plays a vital role in maintaining your home’s temperature. This is especially important during hot Las Vegas summers when temperatures frequently exceed 100 ºF. When rodents move into your attic or crawl space, they’ll see your insulation as a perfect nesting material and they’ll proceed to make themselves at home by chewing it to pieces. When your insulation is damaged like this, your energy bills will quickly rise. Additionally, rodents will contaminate insulation with their urine and feces, which can lead to the growth of mold and spread diseases like hantavirus and salmonella.
  2. Wooden Structures – The structure of your home is formed by a system of beams, studs and joists. These structures are commonly made of wood. Unfortunately, the Las Vegas Valley is home to termites and carpenter ants, both of which are wood-burrowing pests that can cause absolute devastation if they infest your home. Termites actually eat the cellulose found in wood while carpenter ants merely build tunnels through it, but both will hollow out the structures of your home until its integrity is compromised. If an infestation is left uncontrolled for long enough, your house might even collapse! Watch out for wood that is visibly bending or sagging, and that rings hollow when tapped; these are warning signs of an infestation.
  3. Roof – Your roof is one of the sturdiest parts of your house in Las Vegas but it’s not invulnerable to pest problems. While termite infestations typically begin in the lower levels of your home, over time they spread all the way to your roof. Termites will eat through wooden rafters and ceiling joists, which may cause your roof to collapse if the damage is widespread enough. Meanwhile, the exterior of your roof is vulnerable to pigeons, which will shamelessly defecate all over your roof shingles. Pigeon droppings are extremely corrosive and if they start to accumulate on your roof, it can result in expensive damage.

Professional Pest Control Can Prevent Costly Damage

If you discover evidence of an active pest infestation in your home, your safest option is to call a reliable local pest control company to eliminate the pests before they cause any further harm. Contact D-Termination Pest Control today if you need pest control services for your home in the Las Vegas Valley!

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