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Are you searching for rat removal services in North Las Vegas?

A rat infestation in your North Las Vegas home or business is a problem that requires immediate attention. Rats can sneak through spaces as small as a quarter to get inside your building and wreak havoc. Rats will gnaw on insulation, drywall, wood and wires, and have been known to start fires by chewing through the latter.

Rats will spread droppings throughout your property, and can transmit diseases both through their feces and by biting you. Rats are also rapid breeders, and their numbers can multiply rapidly once they’ve nested in your house or office. If a colony of rats has settled in your North Las Vegas property, don’t waste your time trying to get rid of them alone. Allow D-Termination’s rodent control specialists to make short work of the rat infestation.

Skilled Rat Control in North Las Vegas

D-Termination’s experts will visit your North Las Vegas home or workplace and seek out rat entry points, nesting locations and highly trafficked areas. Once we know how many rats we’re dealing with, the D-Termination team will strategically place traps around your building to eliminate all of your pests. Unlike most other pest control services, we never use rodenticides, which are environmentally unfriendly.

After we’re sure that we’ve removed all of the rats from your North Las Vegas property, we’ll work to ensure that no more follow their example. Our experts will seek out any holes in your walls which rats may have used to sneak in and plug them up with durable materials.

D-Termination Makes Rats Meet Their Maker

Don’t allow a horde of rats to terrorize your home or office. Call D-Termination Pest Control today for the most reliable rat control services in the North Las Vegas area!


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