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Are you searching for bee or wasp removal services in Summerlin?

Wasps and bees normally nest in trees and bushes, but they’re just as happy to build a nest on the exterior or interior of your house in Summerlin. On the outside of homes, nests are usually built in high places like gutters or soffits, while inside they may be found in attics, garages or under floorboards. If you’ve seen bees or wasps swarming around a particular area, there’s probably a nest nearby.

Although wasps and bees are necessary to the environment because of their pollinating behavior, you don’t want them around your home in Summerlin. Bees and wasps will attack with a venomous sting if you come near their nest. Allergic reactions to these stings are common and often severe, sometimes even resulting in fatality.

It’s a bad idea to attempt to remove a wasp or bee nest on your own, since stinging is inevitable. For safe bee and wasp nest removal in Summerlin, hire a professional pest control company.

Reliable Wasp & Bee Control

If you’ve discovered a wasp or bee nest on your property in Summerlin, D-Termination Pest Control will inspect your premises to find every nest. Our specialists will proceed to exterminate the pests before removing their nests from your house.

As soon as the nest has been taken care of, our professionals will use exclusion tactics like ultrasonic repellers to prevent more bees and wasps from trying to nest on or in your house in Summerlin.

D-Termination Exterminates Every Bee & Wasp

Once wasps or bees start to nest in your home, they’ll view it as their territory and defend it aggressively. Call up D-Termination Pest Control today for high-quality bee and wasp removal services in the Summerlin area!


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