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“Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.” It’s an expression we’ve all heard about a million times. That’s because bed bugs are one of the most prolific pests in the world. An estimated 20% of American homeowners deal with bed bug infestations every year, and they’re a common nuisance in hotels and other businesses as well.

Bed bug infestations usually begin when the tiny parasites spread from one home to another by hitching a ride on clothes, bedding and furniture. If you ever buy second hand furniture, be sure to check it very carefully for bed bugs before bringing it into your home or you could find yourself plagued by these blood-sucking pests. Within your home, you should vacuum frequently and avoid clutter in sleeping areas to keep any bed bugs that have found their way inside from multiplying. It is also wise to place a plastic cover over your mattress to prevent bed bugs from living inside and to keep your clothing in vacuum-sealed bags while travelling and staying in hotels.

If you believe that you may have bed bug bites or there may be a bed bug infestation in your home and you require bed bug removal services in the Las Vegas area, contact D-Termination Pest Control at 702-878-1002 so our team of professional bed bug exterminator can treat bed bug eggs and bed bugs.

Professional Bed Bug Control In Las Vegas

Bed bugs hide inside dark places during the day, emerging at night to feed on human blood. Bed bugs most commonly live inside of mattresses, hence their name, but they can also live in any other furniture in your home or workplace, and may even hide inside electrical outlets. Because bed bugs are tiny and nocturnal, they may go unnoticed for some time, but there are several signs of infestation to watch out for.

Your first sign of bed bugs will probably be their bites, which form itchy lesions on your skin. While bed bugs are not known to transmit disease, their bites can still be extremely irritating. If you’re not sure if your bites are from bed bugs or another pest, look for other signs. Blood stains on your sheets and dark spots left on your furniture by bed bug feces are both sure indicators of an infestation. While bed bugs only grow to about 5 mm long, careful inspection may allow you to discover them or their shed skins. You may smell them, too; bed bugs give off a musty odor which has been likened to both berries and coriander.

While certain bed bug control products can be purchased in stores, they’re rarely effective unless used immediately against a new infestation. If a bed bug infestation has broken out in your house, you should call in professional extermination services immediately before the bed bugs spread through every room in your home or business.


In just a few minutes, bed bugs can drink up to seven times their own body weight in blood! It sustains them for a very long time, too. While they usually feed once a week, bed bugs can go for several months without feasting on blood. This is one of the reasons that infestations often go undiscovered for some time, and why infestations often recur if not treated properly.

One of the reasons that bed bugs are so hard to kill is that they’re incredibly resilient to changes in temperature. Bed bugs can survive near-freezing temperatures as well as heat as intense as 122˚ fahrenheit! This means that trying to turn up the heat or let in the cold air to ward them off isn’t going to work.

Bed bugs reproduce very quickly, too. They can lay up to five eggs in one day and more than five hundred in a lifetime. Because of this rapid reproductive rate, what starts with a couple of bed bugs hitchhiking their way into a house can bloom into a massive infestation in just ten weeks.


Bed bugs are extremely irritating pests that are impossible to exterminate using store-bought products. To put a stop to a bed bug infestation in your home or business, schedule inspection and extermination services with an experienced pest control company that knows how to thoroughly eliminate bed bugs so they don’t come back.

Call D-Termination today at 702-878-1002 for all of your bed bug control needs in the greater Las Vegas area! We service Henderson, North Las Vegas, Summerlin, and other surrounding areas with bed bug treatment services.


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