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Rat Removal & Control in Summerlin, NV

Do you require rat removal services in Summerlin? Having rats invade your Summerlin home or business can quickly result in an unsanitary nightmare. Rats commonly sneak into buildings and form nests by chewing apart drywall, insulation and other materials. Rats may cause power outages and fires by biting through electrical wiring.

Rats are messy intruders that will urinate and defecate multiple times per day, leaving urine streaks and little piles of droppings all over your building. Rat waste and rat bites are both sources of zoonotic diseases, so be careful. Since rats will reproduce very quickly once they’ve built a nest, your infestation can grow exponentially in a matter of weeks. If you’ve discovered rats living in your Summerlin household or workplace, don’t make the mistake of thinking you can fix the problem with a few store-bought traps. Deploy the D-Termination crew to put a definitive end to your rat invasion.

Reliable Rat Control in Summerlin

The D-Termination team will kick off our rat removal services with an inspection of your building in Summerlin to determine how your pests got in, where they’ve nested and how many we’re up against. Once we have all the details, our specialists will use baited traps to eliminate all of the rats in your home or business as quickly as possible. Unlike many other pest control services, we avoid the use of rodenticides, which contains poisons that are environmentally unsafe.

Once D-Termination’s professionals have cleared all of the rats out of your Summerlin property, we’ll make sure they never come back. Our team will locate all breaches in the exterior of your building and seal them up with tough materials that rats can’t dig through.

D-Termination Destroys All Rats

Don’t let a rabble of rats overrun your house or business. Contact D-Termination Pest Control today for professional rat control services in the Summerlin area!


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