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Are you in need of rat removal services in Henderson?

A rat infestation in your Henderson house or business can lead to many different problems. Rats can squeeze into your building through a crack the size of a quarter, and they’ll proceed to gnaw on insulation, wood and whatever else they find in your attic and walls. Rats are known to chew through wires, causing power outages and starting fires in some cases.

Rats will defecate and urinate all around your Henderson property, which is both disgusting and dangerous, since rat waste is known to contain deadly diseases. The longer you leave a rat problem untreated, the larger it will grow, since these pests reproduce many times throughout the year. To rid yourself of rats before your infestation escalates too far, employ D-Termination’s pest control experts.

Dependable Rat Control in Henderson

D-Termination’s specialists will begin our removal services by inspecting your Henderson property to figure out how many rats there are, how they got in and where they congregate. We’ll then place traps in areas where rats are sure to stumble upon them to exterminate them all in a humane manner. Rest assured that, unlike many of our competitors, we never use dangerous poisons in our rat control process.

Once the D-Termination professionals have put an end to your rat invasion, we’ll move on to our exclusion services. Any hole in the wall of your house or workplace that is large enough to accomodate rats will be sealed, plugged or covered up to deter any future rat intrusions.

D-Termination is Undefeated Against Rats

Why subject yourself to exhaustion and frustration by trying to stop a rat infestation on your own? Give D-Termination Pest Control a call today for the most effective rat control services in the Henderson area!


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