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Ant Control in Henderson, NV

Do you need ant control services in Henderson?

Countless ants live in close proximity to humans and when they start relying on us for food, that can be a problem. Once ant scouts get a taste of something sweet in your kitchen, they’ll come back with a horde of followers and infest your house in Henderson.

All ants will raid your pantries, trash cans and sinks, and some can pose a threat to your household. Fire ants are a particularly aggressive species that are so-named for their nasty sting, which some may have an allergic reaction to. Carpenter ants threaten your entire home in North Las Vegas, as they will burrow their way through wood to build their nests, greatly weakening the structural integrity of your house in the process.

Eliminating a whole ant colony with some store-bought supplies is virtually impossible, and can result in ants drastically increasing their numbers. A licensed ant control service is your only option to fully remove an ant infestation from your home in Henderson.

Professional Ant Control

If you’re tired of ants invading your home in Henderson, D-Termination Pest Control will perform an inspection to identify the ants that are raiding your house and decide how best to eliminate them. Our professionals will make use of bait traps, ant killing sprays and insecticidal granules to bring a rapid end to your ant problem.

To prevent a future infestation, our technicians will continue with ant prevention services for your Henderson house. Ants usually use door and window frames to crawl into homes, so we can exclude them from your residence using pest-proof sealants.

D-Termination Exterminates Ant Infestations

Ants raiding your pantries can get under anyone’s skin, so have them removed before the problem worsens. Call up D-Termination Pest Control today for the most effective ant control services in the Henderson area!


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