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Ants Las Vegas

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More than 12,000 species of ants make their homes here on planet Earth. While most build simple colonies, an invasive species like the Argentine ant have the ability to construct “super” colonies. Eliminating these insects can be tricky if not handled properly. Improper treatment may cause “budding” which could increase ant populations exponentially.

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Ants, especially the carpenter ant, fire ant, and the leaf-cutter ant, may damage a property’s lawn, garden, or even wooden structures. Unfortunately, few homeowners have the requisite know-how on ant behavior and physiology needed to effectively control these omnipresent pests. Specialists at D-Termination are able to use their knowledge for ant extermination to eliminate your ant problem. We combine conventional and green solutions to effectively control ant infestations and provide preventive pest control.  For all your Las Vegas ant control needs, give us a call today at (702) 878-1002. We'll help keep your ant populations in check!