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Ant Control in Summerlin, NV

Are you seeking ant control services in Summerlin?

There are over one million ants for every human on Earth, which means you’ve probably got them living close by. Having ants nest in your yard usually isn’t a problem, but having them infest your home in Summerlin is another matter.

Seeing ants swarm through your kitchen to search for food is enough to make anyone’s skin crawl, and some ants have nasty tricks. Fire ants earn their name with painful venomous stings that some people may be deathly allergic to. Carpenter ants are similar to termites in that they’ll hollow out wooden structures, destabilizing your Summerlin home over time.

It can be nearly impossible for the average homeowner to eliminate an ant colony and a botched attempt might make your problem worse. For thorough ant control services in Summerlin, bring in the ant removal professionals.

Reliable Ant Control

If your home in Summerlin has been overrun by ants, D-Termination Pest Control will conduct an inspection to identify the ants you’ve got and figure out how best to remove them. Our specialists will employ a mix of bait traps and insecticidal sprays or granules to exterminate all of the ants on your premises.

After we’ve concluded our ant control services, our crew will move on to ant prevention for your house in Summerlin. We can add new and improved sealant to the frames of your doors and windows to exclude ants from your property.

D-Termination Destroys All Ants

No one wants to live in a house that’s crawling with ants. Contact D-Termination Pest Control today for high-quality ant control services in the Summerlin area!


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