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Las Vegas Weed Control

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Weeds can be notoriously difficult to remove and often require different types of treatments depending on the type of weed. Some weeds require more than just an afternoon of pulling them out by hand or a little store-bought weed killer, and that’s where we come in.

D-Termination Pest Control is well known in the Las Vegas valley. With knowledge of many weed types and their treatments, we are the preferred weed control provider for families, hotels, and businesses. Local knowledge is the key to our successful client service and satisfaction. Our Integrated Weed Management Program provides quality solutions to Las Vegas’ unique weed problems. The continued high rate of customer satisfaction results from the use of new cutting-edge programs, products and technologies by a highly trained and competent staff. 

D-Termination Pest Control offers weed control services in Henderson, North Las Vegas, Summerlin, and other surrounding areas. Call today!

At D-Termination, we can remove the following and more invasive weeds







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