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“Arachnophobia” (the fear of spiders) is one of the most common pathological fears that people experience. An estimated 33% of women and 25% of men are afflicted with arachnophobia. In truth, most spiders aren’t dangerous but they can still be a nuisance to homeowners in the Las Vegas area, especially if the very sight of them gives you a fright!

If you don’t want spiders to multiply in your home, there are measures you can take to make your house less appealing to them. Spiders love to live in cluttered environments that provide them with dark places to hide and structures on which to build their webs. You’ve probably seen the most spiders in unclean areas of your home like your basement and your garage. Try to keep rooms which you frequent, such as the bedrooms, living room and kitchen, clean and devoid of clutter to prevent creating an ideal habitat for spiders. It would also be a good idea to seal the gaps around your windows and doors, since this is how spiders most commonly enter houses.

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Professional Spider Control In Las Vegas

The bad news is that, no matter what measures you take to exclude or kill spiders in your home, you’re not going to get them all. The good news is that, even if you hate them, most spiders pose no threat to humans. In fact, it can be beneficial to have a few spiders living in your house, because they provide natural pest control by preying upon pesky insects like mosquitoes and flies.

Of the numerous spiders found in the Las Vegas Valley, the black widow is the only one that is dangerously venomous. Only the female of the species poses a threat, and you can recognize her by her ¼ inch shiny black body and the distinctive red hourglass marking on the underside of her abdomen. Contrary to what you may have seen in fiction, black widow venom doesn’t spell instant death and fatalities are extremely rare. However, black widow spider bites do cause feverish symptoms such as muscle pains, cramps and spasms, as well as an accelerated heart rate and excessive sweating. These symptoms may last for over a week, so use great caution if you see a black widow around your property!

Bites from most other spider species will only cause minor pain, itching and swelling, all of which go away quickly. The main drawback of spiders in the house, aside from the fear which many feel in their presence, is that they will build webs all over the place, especially on corners of the ceiling. If you want to deter spiders from building webs in your home, try spraying scented oils that will deter them, including peppermint, cinnamon, garlic and vinegar. To keep spiders from congregating in the garden beds bordering your home, use cedar mulch, which spiders tend to avoid.


There are over 40,000 different species of spiders found around the globe, and over 3,000 of these can be found in the United States. Of these numerous species, only 25 kinds of spiders are actually dangerous to humans, and only three of those live in the US: black widows, brown recluses and hobo spiders.

Spiders generally breed late in summer and early in autumn, and females can lay over 250 eggs at a time in an egg sac! If you see a sudden surge in the spider population around your home during August and September, don’t panic; most of these spiders will quickly depart to build webs elsewhere.

The silk which spiders use to build their webs is incredibly strong. In fact, a spider’s silk is five times stronger than steel of the same thickness! Don’t worry about getting caught in a spider’s web though; because spider silk is so thin, it is still very breakable.


Spiders are frightening little pests that can give you quite a scare and, in some cases, may be a danger to your family. While a few spiders in your home isn’t a cause for concern, a large infestation may require treatment by an experienced pest control company.

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