How Do Pests Keep Getting In? Entry Points in Your Las Vegas Home

Sometimes, it feels like your war against pests is never over. Just when you’ve gotten rid of that ant infestation in the kitchen, mice start popping up around your home; and when you’ve dealt with them, spiders begin building webs all over your bedroom. The bottom line is that there are a lot of pest issues that can plague homes in the Las Vegas Valley.

So, how do you keep pests from getting in? Start by identifying their entry points. Learning how pests get inside your Las Vegas home can help you to block their access in the future. These are some common pest entry points in local homes.


How Pests Access Homes in Las Vegas

  • Windows – It’s tempting to leave your windows open for better airflow during the intense heat of a Las Vegas summer but this provides an ample opportunity for all kinds of pests to get in. Unless your windows are screened, keep them closed. Even if they are shut at all times, small pests like ants and spiders might be able to slip in if they’re not sealed tightly enough. If you discover that bugs have been crawling in around your windows, it’s time to apply fresh sealant to shut them out.
  • Doors – You’re probably in the habit of keeping your doors closed but that’s not always enough to shut pests outside. Cockroaches and scorpions can easily slip under a door that’s not tightly sealed to set up shop in your kitchen or bathroom. If you learn that your doors are serving as pest entry points, try installing door sweeps to keep the tiny intruders at bay.
  • Vents – Aside from your doors and windows, external vents are the easiest pest entry points for most homes in Las Vegas. Some vent openings are so big that even larger pests like rats can use them to get inside your home and wreak havoc. Birds, such as pigeons, are also known to nest in these vents. The simplest solution to this problem is to cover these vent openings with mesh screens that pests cannot chew their way through.
  • Crawl Spaces – Most homes in the Las Vegas Valley have a crawl space underneath them. While this space is great for regulating the temperature of your home and cutting down on energy costs, it also provides local pests with a great place to hide. As long as pests stay in the crawl space, they usually aren’t a big problem. Unfortunately, all kinds of pests, from bees to mice, might first nest in your crawl space and then use it to infiltrate the rest of your house, inflicting widespread damage. Because of this, you should hire a professional pest control company to inspect your crawl space for pest activity on a regular basis.


Shield Your Home With Professional Pest Prevention

Unfortunately, even if you’re proactive about blocking off common pest entry points, they may still find new ways in. Give D-Termination Pest Control a call today if you need effective pest prevention services for your home in the Las Vegas Valley!

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