Common Pest Issues in the Las Vegas Valley

The Las Vegas Valley isn’t just home to over two million people; it’s also home to many species of pests. Unfortunately, these pests see our homes and businesses as inviting new habitats to move into. On an annual basis, a whopping 84% of homeowners are forced to contend with a pest infestation – so if you’ve got one now, know that you’re far from alone.

Different pests cause different problems for homes and businesses. Read on to learn about some of the most common pests in Las Vegas and the issues that can result when they get inside.


Top 4 Pests Issues in Las Vegas

  1. Ants – Given that they outnumber humans more than a million to one, it should come as no surprise that almost every person has to deal with an ant infestation at some point or another. There are many species of ants found in Las Vegas, each of which bring their own problems into a home or business. Among the worst species are carpenter ants, which hollow out wood inside buildings; fire ants, which are venomous and aggressive; and pharaoh ants, which spread many diseases.
  2. Spiders – Of the pests found in Las Vegas, spiders might be the most feared. No one enjoys waking up one morning to discover that a spider web has popped up in their house. Aside from the nuisance of their webs, spiders often bite. While most spider bites only cause minor skin irritation, the black widow’s bites can produce intense pain and feverish symptoms lasting over a week. In some cases, black widow bites have even been known to result in death.
  3. Rodents – Mice and rats are among the most persistent pests in the world and they can cause all kinds of issues in your home or workplace. Rats can slip inside through a hole the size of a quarter and mice only need a hole the size of a dime. Rodents are known to spread a number of diseases through their waste, including leptospirosis and hantavirus. They’re also very destructive pests, gnawing through insulation, wires, wood, plastic, drywall, furniture, PVC and even sheet metal.
  4. Wasps & Hornets – The Las Vegas Valley is home to several species of wasps and hornets that like to build nests on both the outside and inside of your buildings, particularly under soffits and eaves. These territorial insects will fiercely defend their nests with venomous stings and, unlike bees, wasps and hornets can sting multiple times. Aside from the pain caused by these stings, about 3% of people have a severe allergic reaction to wasp venom, which can result in severe health complications and even death.


The Most Effective Pest Control in Las Vegas

If you’re struggling with a pest infestation in your home or business, it’s time to bring in the professionals who know exactly how to remove them. Give D-Termination Pest Control a call today for the best pest control services in the Las Vegas Valley!

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