How to Get Rid of Pests in Your Las Vegas Home

Nothing destroys your peace of mind faster than turning on the kitchen lights to see a bunch of cockroaches scuttling for cover. Pests create an unsanitary presence in your home, contaminating food, scattering waste and spreading bacteria. Unfortunately, getting rid of them is easier said than done.

The good news is that there are some steps you can take to keep your home in the Las Vegas Valley pest-free. While DIY pest control methods are by no means foolproof, they can help to deter common pest species from your home. Keep reading for some good pest-proofing tips and tricks.


4 Tips for Keeping Your Home Pest-Free

  1. Keep It Clean – The belief that pests will only appear in a dirty home is actually a myth. So don’t feel like you’re a bad housekeeper if spiders and ants keep showing up. That being said, a dirty and cluttered environment does attract pests and provide them a place to hide. Letting clutter pile up in the basement provides spiders and scorpions with a perfect retreat, while leaving dirty dishes in the sink entices ants and roaches. Cleaning your house in Las Vegas regularly can make it less attractive to pests.
  2. Keep It Dry – Moisture attracts many species of pests including termites, cockroaches and scorpions. Because of the hot and arid climate around Las Vegas, sources of water can be hard to come by, and leaving standing water in your home is an invitation to thirsty pests. Obviously, you can’t live in a house without running water but you can be quick to mop up any spills. If you have leaking pipes that tend to create pools under your sink or in your basement, make fixing them a priority.
  3. Keep Brush Away – In their natural environment, most kinds of pests like to live in plant matter, from dead wood to leaf litter. For this reason, keeping a wood pile or a brush pile close to your home will often attract mice, scorpions, termites and other pests to your front door. First, they’ll live outdoors in the woodpile and then they’ll start venturing inside, leading to an infestation. Be sure to store any wood or yard waste away from your home to prevent pests from being drawn in.
  4. Seal Doors & Windows – The most common methods for pests to enter homes in Las Vegas are under the door and through the window. Even if you’re in the habit of keeping doors and windows shut at all times, most pests are small enough to slip in through the cracks, unless they’re properly sealed. If the sealant around your doors and windows is old and worn down, it can make an easy access point for pests. Resealing your doors and windows will make it more difficult for pests to enter your home.


And the Best Tip of All: Hire a Pest Control Professional!

While all of the above tips will mitigate the threat of a pest infestation, even homeowners who follow all of these tips might still find themselves with uninvited guests. The best way to thoroughly rid your house of pests is to hire a professional pest control company. Call D-Termination Pest Control today for the most effective pest control services in the Las Vegas Valley!

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