How to Choose the Best Pest Control Company in Las Vegas

Pest problems affect countless homes and businesses in the Las Vegas Valley every single year. Each pest brings its own type of trouble when it infests a building. Rats and mice will destroy insulation and wiring. Wasps and scorpions can deliver venomous stings when disturbed. Termites and carpenter ants can destroy the very foundation of buildings by eating through the wood.

Whatever kind of pest has taken up residence on your property, you should deal with it before its presence causes damage, injury or disease. There are many pest control companies in Las Vegas that can help you out; read on to learn how to choose the best one for the job!


Qualities of a Reputable Pest Control Company

  • Effective & Safe Treatments – The pesticides used by some less-than-reputable pest control companies in Las Vegas are toxic and can be very harmful to the environment around your home or workplace, killing more than just pests. Worse still, children and pets who come into contact with these toxic pesticides may become seriously ill. At D-Termination, we use non-toxic pest control products that are highly effective in eliminating an infestation but won’t harm your family, your customers or other animals.
  • Proper Licenses & Insurance – Anyone can go into a building and spray pesticides but doing it the right way requires training and experience. A reliable pest control company will guarantee that all technicians on staff are properly trained, licensed and insured to safely and effectively apply pest control treatments to residential and commercial buildings. Before choosing a pest control provider, ask to make sure they have the necessary licensing and liability insurance to operate in the Las Vegas Valley.
  • Good Customer Service – While the most important aspect of a pest control company is their ability to solve your pest problems reliably, they should also be staffed by people who you enjoy working with. You shouldn’t have to put up with rude technicians who have no regard for your personal space or safety. D-Termination is a family-owned business that takes great pride in building relationships with our clients and working hard to get every job done right.
  • Active in the Community – As with any line of work, there are pest control companies that only care about turning a profit and there are those which are active in the Las Vegas community. A good pest control company will get to know the people who live in the cities where they work and make an effort to give back to the community. At D-Termination, we’re honored to provide our support to local charities including Youth With A Mission Las Vegas.


The Top Pest Control in Las Vegas

When pests invade your home or business, it’s important to pick the right pest control company to eliminate them for you. Contact D-Termination Pest Control today for the most dependable pest control services in the Las Vegas Valley!

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