Giving Back to our Local Community

Coming together for community

For the month of August in 2021 the team here at D-Termination chose to do a fundraiser for a local charity. Out of the many charities in Las Vegas one stood out to us, and that was Youth With a Mission Las Vegas. YWAM is a small charity that supports homeless youth, victims of human trafficking, and orphan care. After we spoke with the great organizers over at YWAM we knew that they were the right people who definitely needed a donation in order to help operate their organization and care for the many people in need that live in our community.

business for good

After coming up with a game plan for our fundraiser, we decided to go ahead and donate 10% of all sales over $100 to YWAM for the month of August and present them with a check at the end of the month! Our goal for YWAM was to be able to donate $2000 to them from all of our sales. So, as August came we ramped up our sales efforts and focused heavily on being able to reach the $2000 goal and weren’t going to stop until we hit it. After hundreds of phone calls, all of our new and existing customers came together and we were able to hit our goal!

All in all, the Las Vegas community came together and we raised $2,049 for YWAM, plus a $100 check from a current customer! After a few weeks of waiting for some of our August sales to close, we were able to collect all of the money raised for YWAM and headed down to the charity center. When we arrived it was amazing to see how happy everyone was while we were there! For being a small local charity they explained to us that this donation meant a lot to them and was extremely impactful, especially for how small the operation is and how many people they are responsible for taking care of! It was amazing to see how much Las Vegas could raise for a good cause just by people getting rid of their bugs!

Check out our press release about our fundraising efforts here!


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