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Are you needing high quality pest control services for your home or commercial building in the greater North Las Vegas, NV area?

We have you covered.

Here at D-Termination Pest Control, our experienced professionals are equipped with the proper knowledge and tools to take care of whatever pest infestation you’re currently dealing with.

Experienced & Licensed Professionals

Rid Your Home of North Las Vegas Pests

For almost 20 years, Nathan Kruger and the D-Termination team have been providing incredible pest control services in the greater North Las Vegas area.

Whether scorpions have found their way into your home or your lawn is becoming overrun by weeds, our team can provide you with quality and effective services to address your pest issue.

Our team is highly experienced when it comes to removing pests of all kinds. We offer services for the following pests:

Trust the D-Termination Pest Control Team

Whether you’ve been suffering from your pest infestation for a few years or a few days, our team of pest control professionals will properly address your situation and perform quality pest removal services in order to get rid of the offending pest as fast and effectively as possible.

Contact D-Termination Pest Control for more information on how we can serve your home, commercial building or industrial property in the North Las Vegas area. Call today!

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