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Pigeon Pest Control

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Pigeons have become such a nuisance in Las Vegas area that the city officially made it illegal to feed them in 2018. There was a harsh penalty of a $1000 fine put in place and possibly jail time.  When people feed pigeons, more birds show up expecting food, which then creates a flock.   These flocks don't always leave when the food disappears. More often they stay and  reproduce, creating more waste & issues.

The sheer number of pigeons can cause several issues to any property. Droppings of these seemingly harmless birds can be detrimental to human and pet health, can harm equipment and cause extensive property damage. To remove these birds, our specialists employ a range of non-harmful pigeon proofing measures. Among the pigeon control methods we use are netting and trapping techniques, using gel repellents, removing nests or eggs, and dispersing flocks through audio-visual devices.

Las Vegas Pigeon Control

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If pigeons have become a problem outside of your home or business, rely on the pigeon removal specialists at D-Termination Pest Control. Give the experts a call today at (702) 878-1002 for Vegas’ most effective, yet humane, pigeon control services. We can help you take control again!