Pest Problems on Your Las Vegas Home Exterior: Areas to Watch

Every homeowner dreads the day they come home to find cockroaches scurrying in the kitchen or mice nesting in the garage. Pest issues inside the house can be a true nightmare but sometimes, pests can become a menace on your property without ever setting foot indoors. Many local pest species may decide to make themselves at home on the exterior of your home in the Las Vegas Valley.

Pest problems on your home exterior can cause expensive damage and, oftentimes, the pest presence will soon spread inside your home. To put a stop to pests before this happens, you should be vigilant of pest infestations outside your home in Las Vegas. Here are some home exterior areas where you should watch out for pests.


4 Common Home Exterior Pest Targets

  1. The Siding – Siding, particularly siding made of wood, is a prime target for pests in Las Vegas. Carpenter ants and termites love to eat their way through wooden siding, causing extensive damage as they do so. Woodpeckers will often cause additional damage by pecking holes into your siding to feed on the bugs within. As annoying as this is, woodpeckers showing a sudden interest in your siding may be your first warning of more destructive pests within.
  2. Eaves & Soffits – The eaves and soffits of homes in Las Vegas provide pests with a perfect nesting spot. Bees and wasps frequently build their nests on soffits and eaves, while spiders often form webs in these areas. Certain bird species may also form their nests in eaves and soffits. If you notice pests building a nest in these areas, it may be a good time to call a licensed pest control company before the infestation worsens.
  3. Windows & Doors – The most common entry point for smaller pests in Las Vegas is through doors and windows. If the seals around the doors and windows of your home have deteriorated, they provide ants and cockroaches with easy access to your home interior. Spiders will commonly build webs over doors and windows, since bugs are often drawn to them by the light from your house. Pigeons and other birds are also known to nest in window sills if they’re large enough.
  4. The Deck – Because it’s a large wooden structure that’s exposed to the elements, the deck is where many pest infestations in Las Vegas begin. Termites and carpenter ants, in particular, love to feast on decks before moving into your house. Bees and wasps also commonly use decks as a foundation for their nests. Rats and mice often live under decks, and gnaw on them as they please.


Let the Pest Pros Protect Your Las Vegas Home Exterior

If pests have begun to use your home exterior as their nesting and feeding grounds, it’s only a matter of time before they decide to venture inside. To prevent this, call D-Termination today for the finest pest control services in the Las Vegas Valley!

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