What’s That Roach in My Kitchen? Species Found in Las Vegas

It’s a sight that’s the stuff of nightmares: you walk into your kitchen for a late night glass of water, flick on the lights, and dozens of cockroaches go scurrying for cover. There’s no question that roaches are among the most revolting pests found in the Las Vegas Valley, but did you know that there are actually several different kinds that live around here?

Different roaches come in a variety of sizes and may congregate in different areas of your home. Read on to figure out what cockroach species has become a pest in your home in Las Vegas.


Common Cockroach Species in Las Vegas

  • American Cockroaches – These big roaches are native to Africa but they have been established in the United States since before the Revolution. American cockroaches grow up to two inches long, making them the largest roach that can infest your home in Las Vegas. Worse still, they have functional wings; there’s not much more terrifying than trying to swat a roach, only to have it start flying at you! These roaches congregate in dark, warm areas and will never pass up an opportunity to raid your cupboards. Their presence can actually change the flavor of your food, so if your bread starts tasting buggy, it might be time to call a local pest control company.
  • German Cockroaches – Measuring in at just over half an inch long, these invasive roaches are one of the most prolific pests in the world. Because of their small size, German cockroaches are able to fit into small cracks that bigger roaches can’t slip into. While they most commonly antagonize restaurants and food processing plants, German roaches will just as happily infest your home, and they’ll eat just about anything to sustain themselves. Despite the name, the origin of German cockroaches is uncertain since they’ve been pests around the world for centuries. Thankfully, these small roaches aren’t capable of true flight, though they do have wings which can be used for gliding.
  • Oriental Cockroaches – About an inch long and black in color, oriental cockroaches are visually distinct from all other roach species in Las Vegas. Despite their name, oriental cockroaches are endemic to Eastern Europe. They are also commonly known as “waterbugs” because of their tendency to congregate in damp areas such as under sinks and around shower drains. Oriental cockroaches are even more invincible than other roach species but, mercifully, they’re also one of the few that can’t fly. These roaches produce a particularly foul odor, worse than any other species, which may be your first sign of an infestation.
  • Australian Cockroaches – Though not quite as common as other cockroach species in the Las Vegas Valley, Australian roaches can be found here, too. One and a half inches long and brown, they are similar in appearance to more common American roaches but can be distinguished by yellow parts of their body. Unfortunately, just like their “American” cousins, Australian cockroaches can fly. Because they thrive in heat, Australian roaches fare well outside in Las Vegas and don’t infest homes as commonly as their kin. However, if food is scarce, they may raid your pantries and become a nuisance.


Professional Cockroach Control in Las Vegas

Cockroaches are notoriously difficult to exterminate, which means that DIY methods are unlikely to remove them once they’re established in your home. For effective cockroach control, you need to bring in a licensed pest control company. Call D-Termination today for the best cockroach control services in the Las Vegas Valley!

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