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Rodent Control Service in Summerlin, NV

Do you need rodent control services in Summerlin?

Rodents can make a home unpleasant and unsanitary faster than nearly anything else. Rats and mice both love to nest in human dwellings, and will make themselves at home by gnawing on insulation, drywall and anything else they can find. If a rodent chews through electrical wires, it can cause your building to lose power or even start a fire. Mice and rats will also steal any scraps of food they can find, and will leave droppings behind as evidence of their night raids. Beware, as rodents can spread deadly diseases through their scat, as well as through their bites.

Because rodents are prodigious breeders, an infestation that begins with two mice or rats can suddenly blossom into a horde of dozens. If you have a rodent infestation in your home or business in Summerlin, don’t try to fight them off alone. Bring in the pest control specialists from D-Termination to handle the invaders for you.

Professional Rodent Control in Summerlin

The D-Termination crew will initiate our tried and tested rodent control plan by performing an inspection of your Summerlin property to see how the rodents got in, where their nests are, and how many are in the building.

Once we’ve determined the size of the infestation, our experts will lay baited traps in rodent-trafficked areas of your house or office to kill them all. We never use poison in our pest control applications, since it is both inhumane and environmentally unsafe.

After the D-Termination team has purged your Summerlin residence of mice and rats, we’ll take measures to ensure that rodents never infest your property again. Our crew will diligently find and plug up any hole or crack large enough for rodents to enter through to keep them from coming back.

D-Termination Defeats All Rodents

Never allow mice and rats to infest your home or business. Contact D-Termination Pest Control today for fast and thorough rodent control in Summerlin!


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