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A rodent infestation in your home or business is a definite cause for alarm. Both mice and rats can slip through tiny spaces to infiltrate your property and make a huge mess. Rodents like to gnaw on drywall, woodwork and insulation, and may even chew through wiring, which can cause power outages and fires. Rats and mice will also steal any food they can get their little paws on, and will raid your kitchen and garbage during the night. Most seriously, rodents can spread disease by biting and through their droppings, which they’ll surely scatter around your building.

Both mice and rats breed at an extremely fast rate, meaning that if you’re dealing with ten of them this week, there could be fifty next week. If a horde of rodents have invaded your home or business in North Las Vegas, don’t make the mistake of thinking you can eliminate them on your own. Let the pest control experts from D-Termination tackle the rodent problem.


Expert Rodent Control in North Las Vegas

When the D-Termination team first visits your property in North Las Vegas, we’ll conduct an extensive inspection to determine whether we’re up against mice or rats, how many there are, how they got in, and where they’re nesting. After we’ve assessed all this, we’ll initiate our tested rodent control strategy to terminate them all.

The D-Termination crew will set baited traps throughout your house or business in order to humanely eliminate all of the vermin. Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t use poison, which is inhumane and can be harmful to other animals and the environment.

Once we’re confident that all of the rats and mice within your North Las Vegas residence have been exterminated, the next step is keeping more rodents from getting in. Our specialists will scour your home or office for every little crevasse which your invaders may have used as an entry point. We’ll seal them all tightly so that mice and rats never come crawling in again.

Remove Rats & Mice From Your Property

Don’t let rats and mice wreck havoc on your home or business. Call D-Termination Pest Control today for the most effective rodent control services in North Las Vegas!


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