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Rodent Control Service in Henderson, NV

Do you require rodent control service in Henderson?

If rodents infest your home or office, they can cause all sorts of trouble. A space the size of a coin is all it takes for rats and mice to squirm into your building and, once inside, they’ll chew on everything from wooden support beams to insulation material. Rodents will even chew through wires, which can make your power go out or start a fire. Mice and rats will also help themselves to any food they can find on counters, in cabinets or in the garbage. They’ll proceed to leave their feces, which can spread dangerous illnesses, all over your house or business in Henderson.

What makes rats and mice especially frustrating is that they reproduce vigorously. Store-bought traps might be able to take out a couple of rodents but you’ll never get them all once they’ve bred a whole colony. Call in D-Termination’s pest control professionals to put an end to the rodent problem for good.

Reliable Rodent Control in Henderson

The first step in D-Termination’s rodent control service is to inspect your Henderson property in order to assess how many rats or mice are inside your home, what their point of entry is, and where they’ve built their nests. Then, it’s time to remove them.

Our specialists will never introduce harmful poisons into your Henderson home or office in an effort to kill the rodents. We use expertly-placed and baited traps in areas which the rats or mice frequent to exterminate them all in a quick and humane manner.

As soon as the rodent infestation is under control, the D-Termination crew will hunt down every nook and cranny that the pests used to get in and seal them off. This way, you won’t have to call us back to your property in the future.

D-Termination Never Lets the Rodents Win

There’s no reason to try to stop a rat or mouse infestation on your own. Call up D-Termination Pest Control today for the most dependable rodent control services in Henderson!


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